Bengaluru/Bangalore In First Person Singular


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“If Bangalore was a song and the lyrics were the ages the city has seen this book, quite incomparably, is the tune the city has been searching for all these years” –  DNA, Feb

Did you know that there are several cities within Bangalore? Did you know that a centuries old festival is beacon of communal harmony in Bangalore? Did you know that Chamarajpet in south Bangalore was the cultural centre of the city and shaped many a writers, artists and musicians? Did you know about the Jazz scene of Bangalore in the 40s? To discover a unique perspective of the city that has never been photographed or written about before, buy this independently published Bengaluru/Bangalore In First Person Singular. Through my photographs, I have explored how the city has changes and the constants that have shaped the city. This book is an impassioned plea to support the arts and creativity to drive the true growth of Bangalore. It is not about the old versus the new nor is it about the history of the city, it is about what the city can be.

“Dear Mahesh, I wanted to quickly drop in and thank you for the splendid work on ‘In first person singular’. The current pandemic adds a new context to the experience of browsing the book and it made me cosily happy looking at the visuals and imagining that there is a Bangalore that we will soon live to see..” –  from a reader.

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Proceeds from the sale of the book will go towards a photography grant by UNSUNG Foundation

Published in, 2012. Dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″ (Closed)
ISBN: 978819043516
number of pages: 132, 130 + Images and an essay – ‘Whose City Is It?’
First Published in 2012