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“What sets Bangalore apart is its appearance and spirit. Bangalore is the most westernised Indian city. It is also described as the most cosmopolitan Indian city. It is certainly the most youthful city in India. Acclaimed as India’s city of the future, Bangalore symbolises the emerging India which is progressive and vibrant, a country in transition”

A timeless story of the state Karnataka, set in the 90s. Features an extraordinary essay Growing up in Karnataka (written in 1989)

“I recently was lucky enough to purchase your wonderful book “Karnataka” and am very much loving it-great job! My father wass born in Mangalore. He moved to England in the 1950’s and although we visited as a family 3 times, I felt a bit disconnected with his home. Looking at the book brought me very close to my father, who passed away in mid 80s, imagining him growing up there.” – A reader via email.

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Binding: Hard cover
Pages: 144
Language: English
Gangarams Publications, 1997