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My father Muliya Mahabala Bhat was a scholar of Yakshagana. His knowledge of the art and craft of the dance form was immense. By mid 80s Yakshagana was loosing it’s authenticity. Artists were cutting corners in many aspects – such as make up (which is elaborate and time consuming), costume and even stage performance. My father with some of his friends such as writer, scholar Raghava Nambiar, scholar Prabhakara Joshi and others conducted a workshop on traditional make up of Yakshagana near Mangalore. He invited a group great artists, requested them do authentic make up, don the right costume and I photographed all of them. I have scanned all the images (shot on transparency film) and are in the process of restoring them. I am working with Raghava Nambiar to produce a book soon. The entire project will cost several lakhs of rupees. The book will be ready in about a year. Please support the project by pre ordering your copies at a pre publication price of Rs.2000/-.  It will help us to restore the images, for the honorarium for the writer, cost of design and production. This is an important project in conserving and preserving the authenticity of an important performing art form.
Details of the book
1. Dimension : 9″X7″ (Closed)/14″X9″ open, Hardcover
2. No of pages : 144
3. Language : Kannada and English
4. No of photographs : 100 +
5. Please note the cover design is representative. Final design may/will change.

6. The book was scheduled to be published by December 2019 to mark the 20th year of my father’s passing. However it has been delayed. We hope to publish it in 2021.

Current staus: All the text in Kannada and photographs are ready. Text is being translated into English and that work should get over by end of September. We will start the design of the book soon.

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